CL Marketing MOT

This service is for the owners of Caravan & Motorhome Club Certificated Locations.

Improve the marketing & increase your CL bookings & revenue

  • Is your Caravan & Motorhome Club Certificated Location (CL) delivering the results you expected?

  • Could your occupancy be improved with better marketing?

  • Is your pricing right?

  • Should you invest and improve facilities - or simply improve your marketing?

  • Is it worth considering a Website, Facebook Page or Booking System?

Wondering why visitors aren't booking your CL?

A comprehensive 20-point 'MOT' of your CL marketing


I'll look at the listing of your site on the CAMC website and assess it in it's entirety, from photography, reviews, competitors, tone etc. I'll be reviewing your CL, as if I was a prospective visitor wanting to book a CL in your area. If your CL has a Facebook Page, Website or booking system, these will also be factored in.


Book a 1:1 phone call with you (lasting 30 minutes) to review your objectives for your CL and reflect the findings of my research. This will give me an opportunity to see if the research reflects your reality.

Written recommendations

I'll provide a 2-3 page written report clearly illustratring how your CL comes across to prospective visitors. What works & what doesn't. The report will include very clear recommendations, constructive advice and a step-by-step guide to how to implement those recommendations which will lead to improved bookings or revenue.

Fee Structure

You should easily recover the cost of this advice with one week-long booking at your CL. You only need one more booking to make this a worthwhile investment.

Standard MOT

- to include Research Review & Recommendations £50

Bronze MOT

- As Standard but to include either a Website or Facebook Page £60

Silver MOT

- As Standard but to include both a Website and Facebook Page £70

Gold MOT

- As Silver - but to include a comprehensive review of a Booking System £80

Special Offer

New CL's that have been certificated less than 2 years ago for a Standard MOT: Special Price £30

Why choose Ted for this advice?

  • I've been running a CL called Cholsey Grange that's full almost every weekend for & charges a premium rate (£20)

  • 100+ 5 star reviews for Cholsey Grange on the Caravan Club Website

  • 30+ years in Marketing, Market Research and Sales roles. See Linked-In profile

  • Very strong understanding of new Social Media and on-line marketing techniques and tactics

  • I'm a founding member of the CL Owners Group, help to manage the group (now 450+ members), built and maintain the group (GDPR compliant) website and Facebook Group

  • A frequent contributor to the CAMC Club Together discussions on CL's

  • A ''nominated member' from 2015-2018 of the CAMC Club Council - the advisory body of the Club.

  • I have visited and advised dozens of CL's up and down the country

  • I have written a number of guides and articles for CL owners on practical subjects such as Booking Systems, EHU metering and Marketing.

  • A strong understanding of the costs of running a CL and implementing new infrastructure with a view to making it pay!