LEADER Funding

Whilst setting up the consultancy, Ted researched the sector and has looked at government and EU support for diversification schemes in England. The LEADER programme (funded by the EU but administered by regional Local Action Groups in many areas) is at the forefront of these initiatives.

See LEADER Funding Research for more

Research Research & more Research

There are many ways your farm could diversify, the most obvious are tourism (Glamping, B&B etc.) through to Workshops, Offices, Storage or setting up a Wedding Venue, or simply marketing a field for parties.

Innovative uses of farms include green burials and green gyms.

The most important thing is research. Understand your locality, your market opportunity, and how a diversification is going to benefit (or detract from) your farm and your family.

A great place to start your research is The Business Barn, which has tons of advice and case studies from deer farming to fashions to dog agility.

Once you have decided on your plan, contact us for some marketing advice. You can create a 'buzz' about your venture, even before it's ready. And don't 'blow the budget' on your plans, without setting aside some budget for marketing. Thinking that you can 'Build it and they will come' doesn't work these days!

Common questions on diversification are answered in this article published in Farmers Guardian and written by Hannah Moule.