This website, with its professional logo and unique domain name cost less than £400 to create in under a week. Hard to believe, but very possible!

Achieve over 15,000 facebook followers with high levels of engagement that would rival a big brand in 18 months. We can show you how.

Keep control

Low cost (or free)

Friendly support & advice

How is this possible?

Many services offer a free 'taster' of their product. These might have some limitations, but they often provide enough features for micro-businesses to use them at no cost. Four examples:

  1. Mailchimp, a widely-used email newsletter service, provides their 'forever free' account for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Above that, it costs $10 per month, but the free service is sufficient for all the micro-businesses I know, at least at the start.

  2. Facebook offers their 'Pages' product for free. Cleverly utilised this can 'reach' thousands of users and generate high-levels of 'engagement' at no cost. For example Cholsey Farm Riding has 10,000 followers and very high weekly engagement with the riding community, having spent no money.

  3. Google Sites, which allows you to build professional-looking and mobile-friendly simple websites, is included with a basic GSUITE account at minimal annual cost. It's also really easy to use. You can create a website in minutes.

  4. Pexels is a source of 40,000 copyright-free professional grade photos that you can use on your website or in your brochures. Great images really enhance a website, but you don't necessarily have to hire a photographer.

Some things might cost money; Domain names, professional logos and printing brochures and business cards, but there are many options that need not cost a fortune.

We'll show you how to utilise these resources (and many more) and tie them together to form an effective marketing presence that rivals that of many large-budget firms and will likely set you apart from any near rivals.

Managing your marketing - keeping control

There are two approaches; You can manage and maintain the tools yourself, this seems popular with many farmers, or you can ask us to manage the updates of your blog, website or social media. with regular updates and feedback reports. It's entirely up to you.

Working with you. Everyone is different.

  • Free of charge consultation - up to 30 minutes

    • We'll listen to your requirements, discuss your goals and expectations and agree next steps. This may lead to a proposal.

  • Proposal prepared (usually within 2 working days) which will include recommendations and costs

  • Call to discuss proposal and agree whether we proceed

  • Generally we'll provide our services by phone, email and shared screen, but if you are within 40 miles of Oxford, we'll be pleased to come and meet you.

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