Secure & easy to update means good, ongoing SEO


The 'bedrock' of much modern marketing. We're delighted to be working with a number of diversified farms who have asked us to design cost-effective websites that illustrate their farm and chosen diversification such as; Business Units, Storage, Fencing and Camping.

We have integrated booking calendars, booking systems and Contact forms.

Keeping a website up-to-date is essential to ensure it keeps in the 'eye' of the google search algorithm, commonly known as SEO. Which is why we can put the updating directly into the hands of the farmer, using really simple tools, allowing him to upload new photos, text or information thereby keeping the website fresh.

As the majority of web-browsing is now done from a phone or tablet, a mobile-friendly website that's fast, secure and effective is a must for the modern diversified farm.

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Cost effective & mobile friendly websites.

Custom Websites

Working with one of our partners, we can build a customised website that isn't confined to a template-driven design. These deliver more freedom and a lot more creativity, although they are naturally a little more expensive to produce.

Your website will often be the first experience new customers have of your brand. You want that experience to be a great one, so a great website is a must-have.

Your website needs to do more than just look good though. It needs to work hard. Its job is to sell your business to visitors and convert them into customers. We spend time with all our clients to understand their audience and business objectives, so we can create sites which perform. Whether you want to generate leads, drive downloads or sell products directly from your site, we’ll build you a website that does just that.


Our website was getting rather tired and we struggled to keep it updated. Ted helped us build our new one which is so easy to update that even a fat fingered farmer like me finds it manageable! I would even go as far as saying that it was fun to do and now we add new content regularly. Thanks Ted!! Ben Cannon, Partner at Hyde Hall Partnership, a diversified farming enterprise in Hertfordshire.

Track the success of your posts in Facebook Insights

Social media

Love it or loathe it social media is an amazing business tool for many small businesses. The most effective for many small businesses in the farming and tourism sectors is Facebook. If your audience are on Facebook (many farming groups, campers, and horse-riders are) then you need to embrace Facebook and learn how to exploit it. It costs very little (or nothing) to use, but pays big dividends.

We have clients using Facebook to engage with thousands of prospects across the UK reaching high levels of engagement.

Track your engagement and interactions on a Facebook Business Page

Track your engagement and interactions on a Facebook Business Page

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing isn't just about finding followers, it's about finding the right followers. The ones who are most likely to turn into customers.

All social media marketing isn’t the same. There’s organic social media marketing where you create posts, tweets and updates for followers to like and share. Then there’s paid social media marketing where you run ads on social media to attract new customers. Rocket Science can help you with both – social media is in our DNA and we’ve gained more followers for clients than we can count.

Marketing Strategy

Understanding your customer, your competition, pricing, strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats are fundamental to all forms of marketing, but often passed-by when other priorities (such as milking, harvest or getting your BPS form completed take priority).

We're delighted to be working with the award-winning Laceys Family Farm to assist them with the marketing strategy for their growing farm shop. Together with Ed and Will Lacey we developed a strategy helping their farm shop reach the next level of footfall and customer engagement.

Email newsletter

Email newsletter

Email Marketing

Less 'immediate' than Facebook, but highly effective if you follow some simple rules, both in terms of content, execution and measuring the success. Mailchimp is our favoured tool as it's simple to set up, but you can make it as sophisticated as you wish with workflows and segmentation. It's also GDPR compliant.

We use email marketing for clients wanting to keep prospects up to date with special offers and news.

Usage statistics from a Mailchimp Campaign showing Open and Click-through rates

Usage statistics from a Mailchimp Campaign showing Open and Click-through rates

Paid Search

Getting your site found organically via SEO takes time. Using paid search gets you instantly to the top of the search results and starts driving relevant traffic immediately.

Decide on your keywords, set your budget, create compelling ads – then you’re off. Paid search (PPC) perfectly complements your other digital marketing tactics, as it ensures customers who are looking for what you offer find you without delay. And because paid search is highly targeted, you can be sure you only get relevant visitors who know exactly what to expect.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

For businesses working with other businesses (B2B) and working with high-value goods or services (perhaps your farm manufactures Shepherds Huts, or farm machinery), keeping track of every sale from the initial lead through to final delivery, and all the conversations (email / phone etc.) along the way needs a CRM. Don't rely on Excel or Email, you'll lose track! Invest your time in getting a CRM in place. OnePage is our choice, as it is by far the easiest to use, highly productive, well supported and integrates well with GSuite & Gmail and Mailchimp. However, if you have invested in Saleforce, we're equally at home there too.

We have clients using CRM to track hundreds of subscribers to a Self-Help group